How to Connect Your Huawei Smartwatch with Your Smartphone? If you purchased a watch recently and doesn’t know how to pair with your smartphone? Then there is no need to worry! Top10ww offers a step-by-step guide on how to pair Huawei Watch with your smartphone device.

Basic pairing via Bluetooth

This is the best way to connect your smartwatch along with your android phone. Therefore, you must be turned Bluetooth on and follow the steps outlined below:

Step 1

Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone

Firstly follow the given steps:

• Open the settings app on your phone.

• Then navigate through and open the Bluetooth.

• Slide the toggle next to Bluetooth to show it on.

Step 2

Turn On the discoverable mode 

Must follow the following steps before turning this mode on

  • Open the Settings app on your Smartphone.
  • Click to turn on the Bluetooth
  • Then check the box to turn the discoverable mode on.

Step 3

Turn on your smartwatch

You may make sure that your smartwatch is on before proceeding with the pairing process. So, you wish to locate the ability button and long-press it until it activates. The pairing screen will then appear with a phone and a watch icon on that.

Step 4

Pair both the devices the smartwatch & android phone

To pair the both devices, you need to follow the procedure below

  • Open your smartphone and proceed to the Bluetooth screen.
  • When Bluetooth is turned on, click on scan devices at the underside of the screen.
  • Select your smartwatch from the given list
  • Next, a replacement screen displaying a code will appear. Make sure both the code matches. Click to pair to connect both the devices.
  • Your smartwatch and android phone will now be connected successfully and prepared to use.

Step 5

  • Confirm that your devices are closer to each other having good ranger to guarantee a successful connection.

How to Connect Your Huawei Smartwatch with Your Smartphone

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