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How To Install Plugins in WordPress

How To Install Plugins in WordPress

Have you ever wondered How To Install Plugins in WordPress well Installing Plugins is not a difficult task but without proper guidance, one can be irritated. Top10ww has provided a simple tutorial to install WordPress Plugin. You should be aware of a few things before you start.

Before You Start

Make sure you are using because you cannot install plugins on unless you have upgraded to their business plan. It’s best to start from as its much more consumer-friendly.

How To Install Plugins in WordPress

There are many ways to install a wordpress plugin lets start by using

WordPress Plugin Search

How To Install Plugins in WordPress

On the dashboard go to Plugins > Add New and on the top right corner you will see the search bar. Type in the plugin you are searching for. When you find your desired plugin just click the Install Now button. After it is downloaded and installed the Install Now button will change into the Activate button. After clicking the Activate button your plugin will be activated so congratulations you installed your first plugin.

WordPress Admin Plugin Upload

How To Install Plugins in WordPress

If you bought paid/premium plugins they cannot be installed using the first method as they are not listed. Here we use the upload method. Similarly, On the dashboard go to Plugins > Add New. On the top beside the Add Plugins click on the Upload Plugin button. Choose where you downloaded the file and click the Activate Plugin button to activate the plugin.

WordPress Plugin using FTP

Sometimes due to admin restriction, you won’t be able to install the plugin using normal means therefore the FTP method is used. For this, we use the FTP manager as its user friendly. Open FTP client and connect it to your hosting then choose your plugin and upload it to the server. If you go back to the Dashboard and click Plugins the plugin will appear there. Just click Activate and your good to go.

FAQs About WordPress Plugins

  • How do i find the best plugins

You can find more than 55,00 free Plugins on the WordPress plugin directory.It depends on what kind of Plugin are you looking for, make sure to check its reviews before installing,

  • Difference between installed and active plugins?
How To Install Plugins in WordPress

When Plugin is downloaded and installed it will show up as installed. It does not mean that the plugin is activated, once you click activate then it is activated just installed won’t have any effect.

  • inactive plugins
How To Install Plugins in WordPress

If you are not using a plugin it is recommended that you should delete it as it will burdon your site or make is mismanaged.

  • How many plugins I can install

There is no limit to how many plugins you can install but its recommended to only install those which are necessary as it can slow down your site.

  • How do I uninstall a WordPress plugin
How To Install Plugins in WordPress

To uninstall a WordPress Plugin it’s fairly easy. If its activated first click deactivate then click the delete button. If it’s not activated you will only see a delete button.

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