How to save or download WhatsApp status to your phone? WhatsApp made the “Status” feature, on which users share their photos, videos, and GIFs for 24 hours after that status will automatically disappear. WhatsApp is not allowing us to download another person’s status. If you want to take a screenshot of photos status the quality of the image is poor. There is no official way of WhatsApp to download status directly from WhatsApp.

Top10ww solves this problem for the users so if they want to save WhatsApp status, they can easily download WhatsApp status by using the below-mentioned apps. The apps are available on play store so they can easily use any of the apps to download WhatsApp status.

There are two ways to save or download the WhatsApp Status to your phone. The first way to download is by using a dedicated app. But if you want to save the image status for sometimes, then you can follow the manual way. Both of them are explained in detail below:

Save status files manually (using File Manager)

If you want to save or download the WhatsApp status files (photos/videos) on the phone, you can do by coping them out of the temporary folder and save them to a safe location.

You need the File Manager app to perform this. By default many phone brands (like Samsung, LG, Sony, Xiaomi, and OnePlus) have file managers installed. You can find an app named “Files” or “File Manager” on your phone. If there is none (like on Sony Android phones), you can download it from the Playstore.

Steps to download WhatsApp Status

  1. First, you have to view the status which you want to save. After viewing there will create a temporary copy of the same on the phone’s storage.
  2. Open your File Manager App such as Files, File Manager, Solid Explorer; etc.
  3. Then Enable the “show hidden files”.
  4. Search WhatsApp folder in Internal storage, then open WhatsApp > Media > .Statuses.
  5. Copy those photos/videos which you want to save permanently in your phone.
  6. After coping paste them into a different folder.

That’s all! The copied photos or videos will be save into your phone forever. You can view them later by opening the folder where it was copied to.

Save status files using a dedicated app

There is anywhere way to save whatsapp status photo and videos into your phone. By using this method, you can avoid the complexity and rely on a 3rd party app to save your friend’s WhatsApp Status. In this method the app will automatically show the statuses in the app which you have seen and show them in an organized manner. Also in the app there is an option of downloading status.

Step to download status into your phone

  1. Open WhatsApp and view the statuses which you want to save/download.
  2. Open Play Store on your Android and install any of the below mentioned apps.
  3. After installation open the downloaded app and allow the app to access photos, media and files on your device.
  4. Select the images or videos which you want to save and press the Save icon ().
  5. Images or videos will be stored to the internal storage of your phone.

That’s all! You have saved WhatsApp status/story of your friends and will be kept forever. If you want to access the folder directly, you can open your File Manager app and open the internal storage and then download status app which we have mentioned below. All saved statuses will be accessible within the app.

Best app to save or Download Status


STATUS SAVER – WHATS STATUS VIDEO DOWNLOAD APP is the best WhatsApp status downloader app. It allows users to fast save all types of status. Not only one but at a time numerous statuses can be downloaded. Also, this app supports auto-downloader, quick view of updated statuses, built-in media play, and direct chats, etc.


VMate is an amazing WhatsApp status downloader app that allows you to download funny videos, hot movies, trendy songs, and much more to watch. You can enjoy and share on Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, etc. VMate has made it easy for users so they can easily save a friend’s status and get faster alerts for updated statuses.


STATUS SAVER is the fastest and most popular WhatsApp status downloader app for android. By using this app you can easily download the WhatsApp statues, pictures, and videos that you want. The best feature of this app is it will send you notifications whenever your friends will update their status.


STATUS DOWNLOADER FOR WHATSAPP allows you to save the best status, GIFs, profile pics, and videos on your phone. If you want to download long-press the button then multiple things will be selected. The best feature of the app is available in several languages.

How to Save or Download WhatsApp Status to your Phone?

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