Instagram is an online social platform which Connects many people, build influence, and have exciting content. You can express yourself in new ways with the latest Instagram features, also you can also share and grow your brand with the Instagram diverse and global community.

On Instagram you can share your photos and also you can upload status. You can follow other people which you leave most to view their photos and status. You can also change the appearance of Instagram.

If you want to know How to turn on Instagram dark mode?” Below we have mentioned few steps to turn on dark mode on Instagram.

Steps To Turn On Dark Mode On Instagram

Dark Mode will change the colors of Instagram theme on your screen into darker appearance.

Step I:

Firstly you’ll need to update the smartphone device’s operating system to Android 10 or iOS 13. Also update the Instagram app if it is not previously have updated version.

Step II:

Open Instagram app on your Android or iOS device

Step III:

Go to your profile by click on your profile photo at the button right.

Step IV:

On the top right, click on three line icon.

Step V:

Then click on the “Settings” in the right corner then click on Theme.

Step VI:

After click on the theme, you have three mode available (Light, Dark and system default).

Step VII:

Select the “dark” to change the theme appearance into dark.

How to turn on Instagram dark mode?

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