The dark mode is also called as Night Mode. It is a twitter popular feature that can decrease the strain on your eyes particularly at night. All official versions of the Twitter app have the option to change to the Twitter night mode and also the Twitter website has the option of dark mode.

What is the means of Night Mode on Twitter?

Twitter’s dark mode has an appealing option that can change the appearance of the social network within an app or on the web. Enabling dark mode doesn’t change the working of the site, nor it adds any additional functionality. Various users have a preference to turn on dark mode. However, as it can be comfortable to the eyes in low light conditions such as at night and also help the user to save battery timing on newer smart devices that have an OLED screen.

How to Turn On Dark Mode of Twitter?

Before enabling twitter dark mode, make sure your twitter app is up to date. If you have an updated version of twitter, follow the below steps to change the mode.

Step I

Open the Twitter android or iOS app.

Step II

On the top left corner you should tap on the “profile picture”.

Step III

In this steps you should tap on “Settings and Privacy” in the menu and then tap on “Display and sound”.

Step IV

Enable Dark Mode and then below two new options will appear as “Dim” and “Lights out”. You can Tap Dim for a dark blue theme or Lights out for a black dark mode.

Twitter Dark Mode for the Web Interface and Windows 10

The method to enabling is the same on both the web and Windows 10 app because to similar coding.

Steps to Enable Twitter Dark Mode

Step I

Open on the web or Open the Windows 10 Twitter app.

Step II

In the left menu, select the ellipsis then Select Display.

Step III

You can select Dim to turn on blue-themed dark mode or Lights Out to activate the black dark mode of Twitter.

Step IV

You can customize your dark mode on the web or Windows 10 by selecting the colored icons above the dark mode options. These will help you to change the color of Twitter icons and links.

How to turn on the Dark mode of Twitter?

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