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Top 10 Best Fitness YouTubers

Top 10 Best Fitness YouTubers

During the pandemic situation of COVID-19, many people cannot able to go to the gym, the best solution to this problem is that you can follow any of the below lists of top 10 best fitness YouTubers and can exercise daily at your home. As you know YouTube community is rising day by day. In the list of Top 10 best fitness Youtubers some of them making videos of fitness exercises, some of them providing tips and tricks related to Exercises or workouts. They are inspiring their subscribers and to YouTube, viewers to have a happier and healthier life.
YouTube viewers can do their work out or exercise with their favorite YouTubers. With the viewers, fitness Youtubers are reaching audiences all over social media with personalized meal plans and workouts. Below you can check out the list of the top 10 best fitness YouTubers.

10. Jessicasmithtv

• 503K subscribers
• Joined May 4, 2009

Jessica Smith is a youtube fitness star and a certified trainer who has experience of 15 years of weekly, full-length videos in an organized fashion. As of walking practices and meditation and to barre and HIIT, the channel is easily distributed into 13 playlists that are continued. These videos have alternatives for those with physical confinements, regardless of whether its seat bound status, joint delicacy or pre-birth/postnatal body changes. Her lovable dog that consistently shows up might be a reward (is it just us or would he say he is a lot simpler to spot with?). For those who wanted to get weight loss, top10ww recommend the HIIT for Beginners series and attending a free plan of four weeks.

9. Matt Does Fitness

• 1.77M subscribers
• Joined March 20, 2013

Matt Does Fitness centers upload videos on youtube related to eating, daily life, and bodybuilding. You can find his “Bodybuilder Tries” series on his channel, where he has done numerous exercises outside of his ease zone. On his channel whether its pole dancing or CrossFit, Matt has tried all. He also features a series on his channel where he swaps diets with fitness you tubers and members of his family to boost awareness about eating habits and the way they associate with fitness.

8. Kali Muscle

• 2.1M subscribers
• Joined April 10, 2008

Kali Muscle is the best youtube workout channel of 2020 on Youtube. If there is the context of arms competition kali muscle will win. As an ex-convict from Compton, Kali Muscle discovered his motivation through wellness and has discovered his success by his bodybuilding channel. As written on his YouTube bio says, Kali is here to inspire and encourage his youtube viewer and subscribers. He mostly uploads daily videos on his youtube channel concerning cooking, fitness, gaming, and vlogs.

7. ScottHermanFitness

• 2.38M subscribers
• Joined May 25, 2009

Scott Herman uploads new videos every Tuesday and Thursday to help his subscribers. To find out how they can maximize their workouts and gains. You’ll discover videos on exercise for full-body especially building arm and leg muscles, and for the chest. If you’re trying to find a custom eating plan or a program geared toward strength, fat loss, or muscle gain this channel is very helpful for you. You can also join an online community of Scott’s on his website. You can also download his app to get all the fitness guidance you would want to.

6. Bradley Martyn

• 2.52M subscribers
• Joined August 20, 2014

Bradley Martyn is a fitness YouTuber who help you in daily exercise by his videos. He posts more than five videos in a week covering everything. The videos are related to grocery store shopping basics and the most effective shoulder exercises. Similarly, he adds features videos on his youtube channel where he works out with famous Instagram and YouTube fitness trainers. If you want to focus or work on your fitness journey on muscle gains or strength training, this channel is for you.

5. The Fitness Marshall

• 2.66M subscribers
• Joined Sep 11, 2014

The fitness Marshall Channel was created in 2014. On his channel, Caleb Marshall has delivered a gentle stream of heart-pumping, entertaining, and the dance videos that are perfect for a fast cardio session. The videos feature dancers of all levels, which combined with Marshall’s near- consistent funny contributions kill any feelings of dread of looking senseless during the “Cardio Concert.” More, as each features a special Top 40 track, the activity angle is immediately overlooked as irresistible rhythms dominate. His videos are short, you’ll collect a couple of videos into a playlist for an extended workout.

4. BeFit

• 3.03M subscribers
• Joined Aug 12, 2006

BeFit is the company that gives most of its content through paid subscription services, downloads. At-home workouts, can an excellent resource for free of charge. It brags a lot of recordings inside the 10 to 20-minute range, done by top fitness trainers like Jane Fonda, Denise Austin, and Scott Herman, to call a couple of. While this channel is ideal for those who want to increase their pulse during a shorter amount of time, there are a couple of longer videos spotted throughout the line-up for those with longer available. Unlike a couple of during this list, this channel isn’t aimed specifically at women. He has many workouts that might be suitable for men trying to find a challenge.


• 4.82M subscribers
• Joined November 21, 2010

Fitness YouTuber Anna Renderer created his channel POPSUGAR for a long time. She offers fitness exercises and tutorials for those determined towards a fit lifestyle. At home videos of her, you’ll be training out together with fitness experts and Hollywood’s hottest celebrity trainers. Containing workouts like P90X, Tabata, Victoria’s Secret workout, and Bar Method, POPSUGAR is helpful to you on your road to weight loss, healthy life, and stress release.

2. FitnessBlender

• 6.29M subscribers
• Joined January 19, 2010

FitnessBlender is the best men’s fitness youtube channel for Youtuber viewers. On FitnessBlender youtube channel, Daniel and Kelli with his youtube fitness team, you can easily find over 600 free videos on full-length workout which can help you to improve your health, body, and quality of life. Their main objective is to share information with their subscribers related to nutrition, and health information unbiased workout. FitnessBlender videos extend in trouble and experience, so there is consistently an exercise for everybody. To track your progress and workouts, or to put together a home workout program, you can visit their website for extra information regarding workouts.

1. Yoga With Adriene

Top 10 Best Fitness YouTubers

7.7M subscribers
• Joined Aug 30, 2012

On the top of the list of top 10 best fitness YouTubers is Yoga With Adriene channel which is the best women’s fitness youtube channel. The owner is Adriene Mishler who is a Texas-based actress and yoga instructor who starts her motto “Find What Feels Good” on YouTube and since she never looked back. Most of her videos on weight loss, sweat-inducing poses, and with a strange juxtaposition of calming words to her put into practice that specializes in ailments like migraines and anxiety, the channel runs the extent of mind-body improvement. With shorter and focused clips detailing the right types of popular poses, Mishler cautiously coaches users on the fundamentals of yoga during a safe manner. For both beginners and therefore the seasoned yogi, Top10ww recommends doing any of her 30-day programs for the perfect measure to progress within the practice over time.

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