Top 10 Free Proxy Sites

There are many free proxy websites available on the internet but finding the top 10 free proxy sites is difficult. Some proxy websites on the internet are safe and useful, others are full of conspicuous ads.

A proxy server can help you to hide your identity on the internet. A proxy site is important when you want to access any suspicious websites, bypass internet censorship in your country or on your school/ office network.

The common thing in VPN and Proxy is that both cover-up and hide the location of the user. Different between proxy servers that it only hides the IP for a single website or a particular application whereas VPN hides the entire network connection.

Below top10ww provides the list of the top 10 free proxy sites that you should use to visit websites secretly.

10. Croxyproxy

One of the best things about using the Croxyproxy server is that it tends to be utilized for any sound and video streaming. With no need to download extra software, it permits you to incognito utilize YouTube and every one of its features like liking or commenting. It can similarly be applied to any working system including Chrome OS and Android.

9. Zend2

Zend2 is one of the top 10 free proxy sites that let users to Browse Facebook and YouTube by not giving any premium charges. However, when using this server, you should be aware that any changes in encrypted scripts or URLs, enabling or disabling cookies must be completed at the beginning of the session.

8. VPN Book

VPN Book has many servers across the United States, Europe, and UK based. The best thing to use this proxy is that it is 100% free. Users can use to unblock various websites and can easily accessible because there is no requirement of sign-up or registration. It likewise goes to the level of bypassing government censorship.

7. NewIPNow

Telling of truth and accuracy responsively that free proxies might be incompatible with certain websites. NewIPNow shows users the calculated speed of each server users can connect to. Though most of them limited to the United States. However, users can get a new IP address for each session. They can use NewIPNow on a Firefox browser extension or through the site.

6. 4everproxy

Before connecting to 4everproxy, users can choose both the IP location and the server. There are more than ten choices for the primary election and even more for the next one. Users can find the perfect balance between connection speed and securities by trying different options. One gigabit per second connection boasts every 4everproxy server. Also respectively every connection derives with an optional SSL encryption and blockage of scripts and cookies.

5. cannot work with Instagram, YouTube, or Pinterest. It has the servers in three locations to hide the IP addresses users. Furthermore hiding the IP of users behind the proxy, the service of Proxy has additionally included a layer of encryption. And also confirms that URLs decease after each browser session.

The proxy will not help you to save IP addresses or databases, so users can be certain that personal information will not tumble into the hands of advertisers or hackers. This proxy server offers the option to connect any random server or select any one of six. The proxy server offer server of US and four other European countries for connecting.

4. Megaproxy

Likewise, to free proxies, Megaproxy’s servers are tougher for snoopers to recognize. And that’s deprived of the extra security of its paid version. Users can use Megaproxy by installing a toolbar that allows them to type web addresses. And also route them through a proxy server. It can easily switch between protected and regular browsing.

With the free version, it might be important. In five hours Megaproxy has limits of non-paying users to visit 60 sites. And at a time it can just encrypt 20 cookies. This enhances slightly more privacy which not all free proxies have.

3. HMA proxy

The HMA proxy prompts users to set up their connection with three options. You can

  • disable cookies
  • encrypt URLs
  • Remove scripts

Be that as it may, that is about to the extent it abandons moving up to the HMA VPN, which the site will attempt to sell you.

2. KProxy

Kproxy is the one of top 10 free proxy sites that are most suggested by users. But this is not the only thing which means it’s the best. But most of the time it does mean that it’s good enough that it satisfies most users. Users can have ten servers to choose from with KProxy.

If you lose access to one server, you have the option of using another server so you protected. KProxy has the best track record for avoiding blocking and detection by ISPs and websites. Users can access KProxy servers through the website, or also can download a browser extension for both Chrome and Firefox.

1. PorxySite

PorxySite is on the top of the list of top 10 free proxy sites for many years. This website has a simple interface, features a text box at the top where you can enter the URL of the website to visit it secretly by hiding your IP. The main drawback of using this proxy is that there are too many ads on the homepage. But this website offers many proxy servers from the EU and the US to choose from.

Top 10 Free Proxy Sites

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