Top 10 Gadgets for Mobile

Top 10 Gadgets for Mobile

Do you want to know about the Top 10 Gadgets for Mobile use know a day? Top10ww suggest you these Top 10 Gadgets for mobile. There are a huge amounts of gadgets for mobile that are used on a daily basis.Top10ww describe these gadgets with their specification and features. These are those Top 10 Gadgets for Mobile that use want to use and we describe these as follows.

10. Wi-Fi Finder Plus



Brand: Kensington

Type: Wireless

Weight: 90 g

Dimension: 1.5*2.5*0.4 inch

Battery: 2*CR2032

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $29.95

  • Its shape is look like keychain and flashlight build-in
  • It is made up of plastic as well as a rubber coating
  • It is a wire-less detector, it can easily operate and scan any network under 801.10g
  • There is a small indictor of signals if the signals are strong than light is green if signal is week than light is red

9.  USB Port Blocker



Brand: LINDY

Type: Wireless

Weight: 9.05 g

Dimension: 1*13*15

Warranty: 2 years

Price: $16.00

  • It transfers the data through USB with the risk of data leakage, data theft, and any other virus
  • It is easy to use
  • There are 5 different code color, green, blue , red, orange, white
  • Each code work only with the same color of light

8. Lap Strap



It is used with laptop and note pads. Sometimes is difficult to pick up a laptop or notepads in your hands. It make easy your work, you use Lap strap with your laptop and go anywhere. There is two types of Lapstrap, one is the adult type that is 26 inch and the other is youth type that is 22 inches. It is confirmed that it does not protect your device so you can use it for a shorter distance.

7. Iron Key



 Brand: Kingston

Type: Wireless

Model Number: S1000B

Dimension: 5*2.5*1.5 inches

Weight: 1.15 ounces

Storage Capacity: 4 GB

Warranty: you can return after 30 days of purchase

Price: $130.65

  • If you want to protect your data than Iron key is best for you
  • If anyone enters incorrect password 10 times than the Iron key go back to its default state
  • You can easily reset your password, you can change the language
  • There are 8 languages in it

6. Solio Solar Charger



Type: Wireless

Weight: 5.9 ounces

Dimension: 4.6*2.5*1.5 inches

Battery: 1650 mAh

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $99.95

  • Its internal storage 1650 mAh  battery store energy up to 1 year
  • They store the power getting from the sun
  • Around 60 minutes of sunlight it provides 10 minutes of talk time

5. Disk GO USB Watch Drive



Brand: EDGE

Type: USB memory Watch

Capacity: 256 MB

Features: Password protection

Display: Analog

Water Resistance: 300 ft.

Features: Shockproof

Warranty: 1 year

Price: $125

  • It allows you to transfer the data faster and easily
  • You can read, write, and delete the data
  • It is waterproof and shockproof
  • It protects your data

4. Samsung ultra slim Mouse



Brand: Samsung

Type: Cable Wire

Weight: 32 g

Dimension: 8*4*0.9 cm

Operating System: Window 98

Software: Nicht

Thickness: 8mm

Color: Silver

Warranty: 2 Years

Price: N/A

  • It has a USB connection with a small wire, it has no buttons it has wheel key
  • When the mouse is in working blue light glowing
  • It is easy in use, you can use it anywhere

3. RFID Security Mobile Disk

Top 10 Gadgets for Mobile


Brand: Stysen E08

Type: Wireless

Weight: 93 g

Dimension: 132*82*14 mm

Operating system: Window 2000

Power: 5 V


Transfer Rate: 480 Mbps

Price: $56

  • The new function introduce 2.5 Serial ATA that protect the data at the advance level
  • It is used to data and receives the data from other devices
  • The device connected with first time with computer, the user install further software that was used

2. Canon Compact ip100 Mobile Printer



Brand: Canon

Type: Mid-size

Weight: 4.45 IB

Dimension: 12.5*7*2.5 cm

Color technology: Inkjet

Color resolution: 2600*2400 dpi

Droplet size: 1 Pl

Ink Type: Pigment

Transfer Rate: 480 Mbit/sec

Battery: Lithium-ion

Print Black and white document at 20 ppm

It can print 4*6 photo in 50 seconds

Due to their small size, you can take it anywhere

1. Link Station Mini



Brand: Buffalo

Type: Wire-less

Weight: 0.6kg

Dimension: 4.2*8.2*13.5 cm

Storage: 1 TB

Operating System: Window 2000

Interface: Gigabits Ethernet

Price: N/A

  • It consumes less power
  • It contains two 2.5 SATA hard  drives
  • Due to their large storage, you can store everything

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