Top10ww listed the Top Best VR Headsets of 2020. we provide you the list of Top Best VR Headsets based on their quality and Key features etc.

10.Homido Virtual Reality Headset

Price: $19.99

Brand: Homido
Color: Black
Item weight: 0.91 pounds

Key Feature:
⦁ Works with over 300+ iOS/android
⦁ Custom designed
⦁ offers Double lenses

Final Verdict: Very good performance with Soft cushy built and almost supports all existing apps so far and also accepts all smartphones but very expensive.

9.Sulon Q

Price: (This headset is still in development. The details of this headset might change)

Display: OLED
Refresh rate: TBA
Audio: External Headphones

Key Feature:
⦁ Supports voice commands
⦁ wireless
⦁ Extraordinary graphics quality

Final Verdict: It can run DirectX 12 as well as Vulcan graphics APIs offering very high performing visuals. There are also voice canceling features to be used for voice communication overall it is the very best VR headset.

8.Microsoft HoloLens

Price: Up to $140

Key Feature:
⦁ Untethered
⦁ instinctual
⦁ immersive
⦁ Ergonomic

Final Verdict: Very high potential VR system and comfortable to wear for any length of time and also has very incredible design but the screen seems too small.

7.Google Daydream

Price: $109.99

Brand: Google

Key Feature:
⦁ Handy Storage
⦁ Durable
⦁ Lightweight

Final Verdict: It is quite similar to Samsung Gear VR in terms of designing a concept but different in other aspects moreover the most comfortable to wear a VR headset and has a very affordable price but lacks a supporting overhead strap.

6.LG 360 VR

Price: {N/A}

Brand: LG

Key Feature:
⦁ Easy control
⦁ Enjoy with 360 contents
⦁ Compact and portable

Final Verdict: Excellent performer and highly portable, extreme wearing convenience but not conducive to free movement and cannot has the ability to block external lights.

5.Google Cardboard

Price: $6.99

Brand: Topmaxions

Key Feature:
⦁ Compatible for all the 3.5 – 6.0 smartphones
⦁ Having advanced google cardboard
⦁ low cost

Final Verdict: Very easy to use and highly affordable, offers a host of free apps and a wide range of viewer choices but huge discrepancy in content quality and viewers are not long-lasting.

4.Samsung Gear VR

Price: $25.99

Brand: Samsung

Key Feature:
⦁ Lightweight
⦁ wide field of view
⦁ Easy to use
⦁ easy control

Final Verdict: Very comfortable in use and easy in control with its smaller design and convenient for spectacles wearers but a bit expensive compared to its benefits and only compatible with Samsung smartphones, has very limited games and contents.

3.Oculus Rift

Price: $649.99

Key Feature:
⦁ Touch controller
⦁ Rift’s ultra low-latency
⦁ Very comfortable

Final Verdict: Coolest VR games and fits very comfortably, increasing list of apps and movies but extensive PC requirements and also a tendency to cause nausea.

2.Sony Playstation VR

Price: $239.88

Brand: Playstation
Platform: Playstation VR, Playstation 4

Key Feature:
⦁ Advanced VR display
⦁ Just plug and play
⦁ 3D Audio technology
⦁ Quite affordable

Final Verdict: The most remarkable thing is that it is neither too pricey itself nor it requires expensive high-end gaming PCs to run it. we recommend you sony PlayStation VR because it has almost PC level performance but issues with sealing out lights.

1.HTV Vive

Price: $745.77

Brand: HTC
Platform: SteamVR, Windows

Key Feature:
⦁ Flexible play area
⦁ Fully Immersive
⦁ Vive video
⦁ Comfortable

Final Verdict: Excellent performer and has an eye-catching design, having a valve as a software partner but highly expensive and also requires a highly efficient GPU.

Top Best VR Headsets of 2020

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